California Rare Fruit Growers - South Bay Chapter

Program Chair: Rose Arbuckle (310) 326-4542

History of CRFG
CRFG Meetings and Activities

Paul Ishii, Smart Gardening Workshop, October 10, 2015

South Bay Bot. Gardens, 10am, Saturday
Use less water, engergy and resources.
Backyard Compost ($40) & Worm ($65) bins will be available.
Best practices. Healthy and productive back yards!
Please join us for a very informative meeting!

1. Welcome visitors.
2. Ask the experts.
3. Open discussion.
4. Plant auction.

Volunteers Needed:d:
Help be on the CRFG Board of Directors.
Help on the refreshment committee.
Help take care of our Rare Fruit Garden @ the So. Bay Bot. Gardens